Night Activities

It started to rain heavily as the kids went for shower, understandable as we are 600 metres up the slope of Mt Arjuna. Dinner was superb, all organic and healthy.  They just finished their Javanese dance class. 
Everyone is fine, a bit chilly but excited with the activities thus far.  I am sure everyone going to sleep soundly tonight considering we have a 6 am trekking tomorrow morning.  Will try to post some videos tomorrow.  Goodnight everyone!




One thought on “Night Activities

  1. Yanti PK Wangsahardja

    thank you for keep updating parents.
    wish all of you to have really fun & fruitful learning journey.

    if am not mistaken, you are the care leader for my daughrer, Christie Emily.
    Pls take care everybody.

    good night, have a nice sleep


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