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Hi, I look forward to to being your Mathematics Teacher for next one year. We will have a great time. Math being a very abstract subject, at times can seem difficult but don't let that stop you trying. It's definitely a subject that you can do well and has many practical applications. I will try my level best to make the class interesting by making real world connections and sharing interesting stories related to Math. I am here to help, so go ahead and ask me anything. You need to ask when you don't understand, don't delay. Next, practice, practice and practice. If a concept seems hard to understand at first, don't panic, be patient and keep trying, you can do it. Sometimes you may need a little more time, don't copy someone's work or just learn the steps without really understanding why it works or why it is done that way. A deep conceptual understanding is more important than simply getting good grades.

You can come and see me anytime I'm free to get help or you can fix an appointment with the one of the secretaries. You can also email me here: mano@rafflesian.net. You can even post anything interesting you found related to Math, your comments regarding the subject matter or even if you just simply want to leave a message. The blog address is http://goo.gl/RBM4j

The blog has a course overview where you can access the lesson plans. All things needed for your Math course can be found in the lesson plans. Make sure you check the blog regularly as I will post things related to our class, like our topical tests dates.

Well, good luck and I hope to see you excelling in the course.

math is power