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Sec 3S1/3B1 and Sec 3S2/3B2 Quadratic Equations

The files needed for our lesson on Monday are on the lesson plan. Please download them and come prepared for class. (Quadratic Investigation and GeoGebra File). Look for it in Lesson 1 on the Quadratic Equation, Unit 04 Lesson Plan.
See you in class on Monday morning...with your laptop and smartphone for exciting activities.

quadratic path

More on GDocs and GeoGebra

Here's a summary of what we did today in class:

All students are required to finish the Task 1 on Water Hose Trajectory and questions 1(f) 16, 17.

Please start on your Review 1 on Page 20 for Test Preparation.

Our next Task 2, will begin tomorrow and you can have a look at it to start your work early. This work is due on 31st July 2012.