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Welcome Sec 1G

Firstly, I would like to welcome all the the Sec 1G students to technology and math. This will be your portal to all the information needed to keep up with your math course. If you look at the top, where the menu is:

GCalendar; All the important dates like topical tests or deadlines for tasks given in class will be here.

Course Overview: If you click this, it will lead you to a website where you can navigate to your lesson plans. Check it out, I have given you some work. (Hint: Check Secondary 1)

Sec 1 Math: This will showcase all the posts intended to Sec 1 Math only. (Home displays all the posts)

There will be a topical test early next week and it will be posted on the calendar. Keep an eye on the blog, calendar and lesson plans.


Welcome to Sec 3 Math Blog

Hi Students, welcome to our RICS KG Mathematics Portal, your pit stop to all things related to our Sec 3 Math Course. Here are few things you need to know about the Blog:

  • Home: Clicking this will lead you back to the main page of the Blog
  • Course Overview: This will link you to a site that will have links to all the topics being taught this year.
  • GCalendar: Here you will access to aal the important exam dates as well datelines for tasks/projects and homework's
  • Useful Sites: Some useful mathematical sites that you wander and wonder about.

Hope you will find this blog useful in helping you do well in the course. I also look forward to your constructive contributions in making this blog AWESOME!