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Been Awhile

Yes, I have been absent from posting on my blog for awhile now. It’s interesting how you get excited about something and then the fire suddenly dies off. Nevertheless, I’ve been quite busy reading tons of stuff (my course) and been reflecting equally on many issues. But I’ve been lacking the discipline and a personal mission to keep writing. I think it’s time for a change. The one thing that fires me up the most is being in the classroom, teaching! That’s what I think I do best, sharing and learning stuff. To see the wonder in the their eyes when knowledge is unraveled. When they realize the stuff we learn in class that has changed the world. (I teach Math, by the way). Well, that should keep me going; that would be a perfect reason to keep writing and reflecting. I took this shot (below) early this year during my visit to Kaliandra Sejati near Surabaya, Indonesia. I was passing by a school, and I reckon the kids were having a break. The boys were calling out to me, noticing that I was a foreigner. I asked them for a shot and they gladly posed. This is one good reason…

school boys

Field Trip with the Grade 8’s

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to take some students to the slopes of Mount Arjuna in East Java. What a magnificent trip it was! Though it was my second time there the organizers did a fantastic job of arranging a wide range of activities. Safety rope, fire walking, gamelan, pencak silat, fruit farm visit and cow milking just to name a few. The highlight of course was the trip to Mount Bromo which had an eruption earlier this year. The early morning sunrise was a sight to behold! I personally belief such trips are important because the chances are probably less of them having with their own families. To be honest there were some complaints from the kids about the hours of walking, sleeping conditions (during camping) , food an so on. But then again we were all kids once and we complained too about various things. The great thing about kids is that they are resilient and can be molded. Such trips builds character and at the same time enforces empathy. Just to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life and to be completely surrounded by fauna and insect sounds was a wonderful feeling not to mention the benefits to the health. I am definitely heading there again with my own family come next year!