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Learning Theories and Assignment

The author starts out by asking this question?

“How do we ensure that pedagogy exploits the technology, and not vice versa?” Technology should not be used to enhance conventional learning designs. Rather in needs to create a much more effective and innovative learning designs. To this effort, a sound use of pedagogy is of utmost importance. In my lesson, the design would employ all three pedagogical principles; instructionism, constructionism and collaborative learning.

“The argument put forward in this paper is to use what we know about what it takes to learn, and build this into a pedagogical framework with which to challenge digital technologies to deliver a genuinely enhanced learning experience.” Applying technology because it is pervasive and available¬†does not make learning better, rather it needs to be designed with a sound ¬†pedagogical framework.

Learning Theory and Classroom Technology

In my first assignment, I will be using both the constructivist and behaviourist approach. Though the bulk of the instruction will be constructive in nature but in learning to use the software GeoGebra, the direct teaching method is needed. This is an example of a software that entails to both learning theories depending on what is the desired learning outcome. The basic skills in using the software are absolutely essential. Once these skills has been mastered, the student then can proceed to solve their Problem Based Learning task.

An hybrid approach is sometimes needed. It’s not a matter which is right but rather which is appropriate to that given task?