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Greatest Love of All, Whitney Houston (1963 – 2012)

This morning when I was getting ready to take my son for his soccer match, my wife came running down the stairs saying Whitney Houston has died. My initial reaction, oh no! another one, must be drug related. I don’t want to come across making assumptions but she was well known to have struggled with drugs for a long time. A sad manner to begin the day. Another great artist, gone…

I don’t think I’ve  heard a more beautiful voice than hers. My own dating life revolved around the times of the “Bodyguard”. She was truly a remarkable and talented artist. She will be missed dearly. It’s sad to see many gifted artist struggling to cope with their personal life and eventually succumbing to addiction and depression. I believe there’s a big lesson in here for all of us to learn about parenting.

Nowadays in a competitive global world we all want our kids to excel and be the best. I don’t think it’s wrong to be the best that you can be but not at the expense of missing your childhood and forgoing learning vital life skills. There’s also a danger when we don’t push and train them to be their best, that may succumb to mediocrity. So where do we draw the line?

At school and home kids are often pushed to perform in their academics without being taught the basic coping mechanisms in dealing with their daily life. One has to go through a lot growing up in reaching adulthood. I remember the times when I was depressed, felt alone, fiercely competitive, feeling awkward, not knowing how to deal with failure, feeling unworthy, defeated and the list goes on. I had very few people to to turn to for help and at school where I spent most  of time and we were never taught on how to deal with such things. We all go through these things even as adults, how much more  kids who are being pushed hard to succeed. They might go on do well for themselves in the future but do they have all the necessary skills needed to stay alive. It’s a scary thought, but one we must address in our schools and more importantly in our parenting. Isn’t this the “greatest love” that we can provide for our children.


The need for effective parenting has never been more urgent than today. Sadly in many cases, it doesn’t even exist. The world is struggling in providing the proper role models to our younger generation. Furthermore, in fear of the fierce competition that their children may face in future, a lot of parenting has been directed towards academic achievement rather than the heart. Primary parenting begins at home, from the parents, not from the school, nannies, grandparents, etc; we the mums and dads are ultimately responsible. Time is such a precious commodity that children are the first ones to face the cut in receiving the needed attention. Having worked as a Parent Educator for nearly all my working life I have seen with my own eyes the crisis of parenting. Children are simply not getting the attention and the guidance that they so desperately need. One of my goals as an educator, is as and when possible to provide help to parents to enhance their parenting skills. That’s another part of my life as an educator that I enjoy most. In my previous school, I was able to set up a small group of parents who are interested in growing their parenting skills and going on to help others in the community. It was a huge success; a lot of parents are in dire need of a support group to have meaningful discussions about parenting. Prior to academics, good parenting is needed to set the stage for academic success. In saying all this, having two children of my own, it’s much easier said then done. It is a struggle at times, to be the kind of parents they need, but struggle we must to ensure they have the necessary skills to succeed socially, emotionally and academically in their chosen career.