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In Conclusion

Motivation: Schools and teachers’ often focus what we need to learn rather than WHY we even need to learn in the first place. Is it to simply get a good job, or is it to secure a good future or to be able to attain a certain preferred lifestyle? In addition don’t forget to de well in Language, Science and Math(typically hailed as the only subjects to measure student success)! Does this even produce meaningful learning in the classrooms? Next, how do I learn best? Are learners being guided to produce an environment that will help them attain deep, intrinsic and meaningful knowledge? We need a complete rethinking of our traditional motivational paradigm to promote life-long learning. It is my conviction that the challenge for every teacher is to help students discover their own intrinsic motivation for learning.

Technology: Helping students integrate variety of emerging media responsibly into their learning processes. Navigating intelligently through the jungle of information. Demonstrate proficiency in writing and critical thinking skills, and learn to contribute effectively and meaningfully to the online community. Technology is here to stay and as teachers we need to figure out how to best integrate it into our teaching methodologies.

Modeling: It is easier said then done. We expect our kids to be hardworking, focused, honest, life-long learners and so on. And yet how much of these traits do we actually model to our kids. Assuming we choose teaching because we are passionate about it, should we not be doing most of thing we ask our kids to do? It is a bit like parenting, “do as I say, not do as  I do,”simply doesn’t work. So much of teaching and learning happens collaboratively, with the teacher being both teacher and learner at the same time. We cannot expect our kids to be anything that we are not willing try to be ourselves.

The MTM above is what guides and drives me as both a teacher and a learner. Of each of the three ideas mentioned above has its own methodologies and pedagogies that needs further consideration.