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Yamamoto, Japan

A picture paints a thousand words, so goes the saying and today I really understood what it really means for the first time. In the city of Yamamoto, Japan (Discovery Channel: Rebuilding Japan)when the tsunami struck not only lives were lost but also their homes, belongings and every bit of their precious memories. Their city were destroyed, it will never look the same anymore. A few passionate photographers decided together with volunteers to give back the “memories” to the people of Yamamoto. They collected albums and any pictures they could find from the rubbles and started to clean and restore them. Then all the images were catalogued with face recognition software and the people of Yamamoto were encouraged to come and get back their images. It was so moving to see people who have lost everything, moved to tears when they found the pictures of their precious loved ones. I see photography in a very different light now. These photographers have made a great contribution in helping the people of Yamamoto rebuild their life by connecting them to their past, without even a click of their cameras. Being a photographer is more than just shooting images. It about caring and vision to change things for the better. Never before, I’ve been so proud to call myself an amateur photographer.

Below is the earliest image of my grandma and grandpa in 1949-1950 when they just got married in then Malaya. Precious…



500 px

There’s a great photo portfolio site at 500px.com. Be warned, all the pictures are amazing! I have my pictures up as well at 500px.com/manoharan. (Check it out) Initially it’s a bit intimidating to put your photos up (at least that’s how I feel) as the standards of the pictures are really very professional. Occasionally it feels great to get a few words of encouragement from other photographers. But it’s an amazing site to simply see and learn. It’s free to register, although you can only post 20 images per week. However the subscription of $50 per year is not that expensive. Below you can see a thumbnail of my image named river vendor 01. Definitely something to check out if you are interested in photography. Warning: There are also nude images, but you can turn it off, not to have those images appear when you are browsing.

river vendor


What do I mean when I say I am a storyteller? Or at least aspiring to be one. Firstly in my passion as a photographer, I see myself as a storyteller, capturing images, freezing time as I see the world. I become the storyteller, I create the story according to how I envisioned it, it’s my story. Please check out emaginativeGallery to see my images as I explore and grow in my interest as a photographer.

Secondly as a storyteller, I see stories as a powerful motivational tool. We all have our own stories. At this very moment, our decisions today will decide our stories tomorrow.

Ever since young, growing up, I don’t think I was aware or in most instances had the opportunity to script my own story. I was carried and tossed by the waves of the world, dictating what and who I should be. My greatest mistake was that I often succumbed to these waves even at latter stages of my. It wasn’t till 1989, I begun to take control and script my very own story. I begin to discover my passion, follow my dreams and stand up for what I believed in. I am learner and I wanted to share that passion for learning with others. I’m and educator and I love to teach…

My story has only begun and it continues… I want it to be a good one…