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Anglo Chinese Junior College Biomedical Challenge 2014

It’s always good to travel to another country, another school and a competition as an educator to learn and grow. The kids had a great time, they worked hard and even managed to win 9 golds, 6 silvers and 13 bronzes in the international category. They also won the top award for the symposium in the same category. I was fortunate enough to accompany them. The speech by the guest speaker, a renowned neuroscientist from Duke-NUS who spoke on the topic SLEEP, yes you heard me right, sleep. The point he was trying to make is the fact young people today don’t get enough sleep. You may reap short term benefits but may pay the price in the long term. Having a good life work balance is important.

Well, even adults today are not getting enough rest. We can never take our life for granted, it’s here one day and can be gone the next day. We need to prioritize what’s important. What’s the point if a man gains the whole world and yet forfeits his life. I think I going home to hang out with the family and then get some good rest.