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What do I mean when I say I am a storyteller? Or at least aspiring to be one. Firstly in my passion as a photographer, I see myself as a storyteller, capturing images, freezing time as I see the world. I become the storyteller, I create the story according to how I envisioned it, it’s my story. Please check out emaginativeGallery to see my images as I explore and grow in my interest as a photographer.

Secondly as a storyteller, I see stories as a powerful motivational tool. We all have our own stories. At this very moment, our decisions today will decide our stories tomorrow.

Ever since young, growing up, I don’t think I was aware or in most instances had the opportunity to script my own story. I was carried and tossed by the waves of the world, dictating what and who I should be. My greatest mistake was that I often succumbed to these waves even at latter stages of my. It wasn’t till 1989, I begun to take control and script my very own story. I begin to discover my passion, follow my dreams and stand up for what I believed in. I am learner and I wanted to share that passion for learning with others. I’m and educator and I love to teach…

My story has only begun and it continues… I want it to be a good one…


My name is Mano, I am an educator and I desire to be a change agent through my teaching practices. George Barnard Shaw once said this “Those who can do, do; those who can’t, teach.” He argued that most choose teaching because they can’t do anything else well. The general frustration and criticism towards schools and the teaching profession has been relentless recently and will continue to be so in the future, at least in my opinion. Ever heard this, ‘I will learn and flourish in spite of school and not because of it’? Why so many of us feel this way about school? Even reflecting on my own personal journey, sure there were some good times here and there, but on the whole I was frustrated and could not wait to get out. And now, as an adult I love learning, as though I had a ‘deprived learning’ childhood. My desire is to provide students a different environment/experience in my classroom through my teaching/learning practices, one that would plant seeds in helping them to be a life-long learner. I want them to enjoy learning, and to create opportunities for their own personal growth. Three main ideas encompass my teaching philosophy; motivation, modeling and technology. I will discuss further about each of these in my upcoming posts.


The need for effective parenting has never been more urgent than today. Sadly in many cases, it doesn’t even exist. The world is struggling in providing the proper role models to our younger generation. Furthermore, in fear of the fierce competition that their children may face in future, a lot of parenting has been directed towards academic achievement rather than the heart. Primary parenting begins at home, from the parents, not from the school, nannies, grandparents, etc; we the mums and dads are ultimately responsible. Time is such a precious commodity that children are the first ones to face the cut in receiving the needed attention. Having worked as a Parent Educator for nearly all my working life I have seen with my own eyes the crisis of parenting. Children are simply not getting the attention and the guidance that they so desperately need. One of my goals as an educator, is as and when possible to provide help to parents to enhance their parenting skills. That’s another part of my life as an educator that I enjoy most. In my previous school, I was able to set up a small group of parents who are interested in growing their parenting skills and going on to help others in the community. It was a huge success; a lot of parents are in dire need of a support group to have meaningful discussions about parenting. Prior to academics, good parenting is needed to set the stage for academic success. In saying all this, having two children of my own, it’s much easier said then done. It is a struggle at times, to be the kind of parents they need, but struggle we must to ensure they have the necessary skills to succeed socially, emotionally and academically in their chosen career.