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TPACK and Teacher Training

This article relates to the importance of EdTech training in teacher preparation. Countries are beginning to see the importance of introducing concepts like TPACK from the onset so that they more equipped to enter the teaching vocation.

Vezirov, T. G., Borozinets, N. M., & Sorokopud, Y. V. (2013). The experience of the usage of information technologies in preparation of future teachers in the global educational practice. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 18(1), 04-08.

Link: http://idosi.org/mejsr/mejsr18(1)13/2.pdf


I have came across TPACK before and find it an important framework in developing my lessons. I have had a lot of experience in the classroom and have been working with technology for a while now. My spot would be one that has been operating close to the centre of the diagram.

The framework is useful because it helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson that incorporates technology. It also highlights that just using technology doesn’t make a lesson great or student learn,  but pedagogical and content knowledge are equally important.