A bunch of energetic teachers came together to learn more about teaching and learning in an exciting new school, Sampoerna Academy.

Questions: What were some of the A-HA moments for you on Day 1?

Personally I was excited to observe and learn more about the individual teachers; their passion, talent and eagerness to make a dent in the world of education.

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18 thoughts on “IGNITE SUMMIT Day 1”

  1. Yesterday, i learn couples of things that i can use in teaching and learning process. First, I just knew that there is a “paper-scissor-stone” championship, might use it in bigger class to engage students’ focuses. Second, I used to use Google Drive for sharing documents before, so yesterday Pak Mano refreshed me how to use it better. And the most interesting were the curriculum and the technology that will be used in our, Macbooks, Chromebooks & iPad.

  2. Day 1:
    I learn how the right implementation of technology can make your job simpler and easier. It is also less paper and go green.

    Day 2:
    As an adult, I tend to think systematically. Today, I learn that look at the “Big Ideas” really can develop further and deeper discussions and activities for the children. It is going to be a challenge for me but looking forward for it!

  3. A example about Harvard graduate vs Atmajaya graduate was really connected to what emotional intelligence means. People can not just depend on their great intelligent quotient in the real working world. Our interpersonal and intrapersonal skills do play a very crucial part too.

  4. Day 1 : Knowing about different aspects of learning is really helping me to understand the expected students attributes by end of the programme. The use of Ipad in kindergarten and early primary make me enthusiastic to integrate IT into the lesson . I hope the school will install” ibook” application and I am sure it will help the students engage more and be more productive.

    Day 2 : Working collaboratively to create the MPBL. It’s really helpful to design meaningful lesson and provoke the students to become a problem solver as it is connected to real world context.

  5. the thing interested me the most is the ideas of STEM activity that can be translated into Kindergarten and Primary classroom activities.Walking on water sounds a great plan to do.

  6. “I’m an educator. I make rain” . Looooooooveeeeee this quote so much!. It reminds me that teachers are willing to go the extra miles and do what it takes to make education happen even when everything seems to be impossible.

    “If we don’t change, we don’t improve” . This one inspires me to always improvement and brave enough to try something new.

  7. My A-HA moment in the first day was when we had discussion about Super Heroes. It reminded me that being a teacher is transforming myself to be a super hero. I mean, I have to be a super hero and it’s not easy, indeed. So I have to struggle and try my best to be a super hero.

  8. Day 1:
    Learning about the ‘rock-paper-scissor’ game that can be fun to be applied in the classroom in a new way for me. Learning more about google drive and looking forward to know about it deeper.

    Day 2:
    Learning about PBL in deeper learning context is really challenging for me. Looking at a bigger idea which relates closely to students’ life and than connect it to the lesson will give a bigger learning opportunities for the students and me myself as the teacher. I know it’s not easy but it’s gonna be worthed!

  9. It has been lovely getting connected with the whole team of Sampoerna Academy teachers and staff in the last few days of training. There are lots of tasks to accomplish before the start of the schools but we certainly can!

  10. I was interested with an example of Project Based Learning that showed by Pak Mano. The first time, he explained the material using Google Map. That was very cool because we collaborate technology and real world context in our lesson. It can make our students realize that Mathematics is not only just formula, formula, and formula. But also, they can connect it to real world context using their 21st century skills.

  11. This is such a different training I have ever experience for starting a new school. Surrounded by many great educators with excellence facilitators encourages me to learn more.

  12. I really like the training because it was really inspiring and thoughtful. I never realized that the technology has been really affected and brings the positive vibes to the education especially students. I feel so enriched and excited about the Ipad, Chromebooks and Macbook that we will use in our school. Also i was so amazed by the time when the example about the Atmajaya&Harvard Graduate that was really related in our real life, and i learned a lot when the “bigger ideas” session. The last one was when about the key to SUCCESS is to do anthing with PASSION and you have to be brave and risk-taker. Yes, such an insiprational training indeed.

  13. Chemical for me was………interesting. Seeing Dr. Yoda explained all about it with her twinkling eyes made me realized how much a passion can make you go a long way.
    I am looking forward to learn about apple application to be used in the classroom with the students along with other strategies to be used with the students.

  14. Thank you to give us a chance to join in this training, many things I learned and those activities and topics have given me a chance to reflect what I have known and what I can do better in future as a teacher.

    Day one. I learned the big picture of this school, the planning and what we need to prepare

    Day two. I learned about STEM and got much information. I believe we will learn more about that in future so we can implement that in daily classes or activities

    Day three. the schedule is about Google. I believe we will learn much. I will update you soon guys…

  15. Day 3: Found out the efficiency and effectiveness of technology, especially when you did and shared the work together in google drive.

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