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Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE)

Recently, on April 2011, I had the privilege to attend the Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) training in Saigon, Vietnam. It turned out to be an incredible gathering of 60 highly motivated educators from around the world with a common vision of improving student learning with responsible integration of emerging media. More on this later, but the event definitely triggered a lot questions and initiated several personal self-reflections. One of the key things that I wanted to put down on paper was what I want to achieve in my profession and how these are to be aligned with my day to day life. Now, what I wanted to be 20 years ago may be different with what I want to be right now, in fact it may change a few years down the road, but nevertheless it was important that I was able to put a written statement down. I’m someone who needs a destination and a flight path. I need a personal map to keep me on the path that I may be tempted to stray from ever so often. So here it goes Version 1.0 beta. I will keep working on this until I feel it’s where it needs to be…

” I will help others to be greater than me, not less. I will continually reflect on my own aspirations rather than let the world shape my thoughts and actions, whilst forgoing my fear and living my life to the fullest. By seeking, learning and sharing my knowledge, I will strive to be an asset to the world at large. I will exemplify the change I want others to be. In all the roles bestowed unto me, I will endeavor to be a little better today, than I was yesterday ”