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Food should be regulated like tobacco, say campaigners


Although  I am inclined to agree to have the food industry being more regulated (they’re indeed on steroids), we also need to understand regulation alone is not going to change how people behave. Food in some countries are so culturally ingrained that you just don’t how else to eat to be healthy. In Indonesia, 6 out of every 10 males smoke, in spite of knowing the consequences. It’s a cigarette nation. As for the food industry here, what regulations? I’ve always told my kids, the food industry does not care a flip about you. They just want you to buy their product. We need to get more intense in schools about teaching a healthy lifestyle. Teach basic cooking and so forth. What’s the point of getting excellent grades only to die young overdosed with sugar. The food industry have weaned the population with their version of food; just reduced a bit of sugar, salt and fat, we don’t even recognise food as food anymore. It’s bad and we need to do something, food regulation can be a start.