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Star Gazing

Last night I whipped out my new Telescope to catch a close up view of the full moon. I’ve always been a astronomy buff albeit more on the theoretical side, but never had the chance to do serious stargazing with a telescope. Well, last night I entered the realm of ‘amateur star gazer’, but not without some minor glitches. I told the kids and my wife that today is an historical day, Daddy is about to do something he wanted to do for nearly 20 years. After all the hype, I couldn’t get the moon on the viewfinder! Looked like I needed to calibrate the scope and the viewfinder. I had to do the search manually ( the scope does have a Sky Align), but eventually I did find the moon and what a view it was. The craters were so clear. It’s never too late to be an avid inquirer. My next task is to read the manual to get the scope and the viewfinder aligned!














My NexStar 130SLT Telescope